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Christian Fenandez

Founder, Ethical hacker, Security and Linux engineer

Christian has a wide range of skills, which he brings to bear on the problem of cyber security from a number of different angles: Software Programmer, Systems Architect, Network Engineer, Ethical Hacker, and of course Cyber Security Specialist.

His roots in the industry hark back to 1994, with his association with the seminal Spanish hacking collective BBK, where he went by the name ReK2WiLdS or ReK2. Growing up in Spain, he moved to the US at the age of 28, where he currently lives and works, having lived in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

A strong believer in the concepts of freedom, liberty, and privacy in cyberspace, he has collaborated with several related organizations including the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Electonic Frontier Foundataion (EFF), and was the co-creator of Binary Freedom, a digital rights advocate group which operated between 2004 and 2009.

As a developer, he has been involved with FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software) since its early days in 1997, and working on high visibility projects such as the KDE Desktop. He's also been involved in lectures in which include LinuxWorld Boston and an Ethical Hacker Workshop in a popular Barcelona maker/hacker space.

On a personal level, Christian enjoys soccer, MMO pvp games, and a variety of music including Electronic Industrial music, Spanish Punk Rock, Spanish Pop and Spanish Rock.

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